Top 10 Corn Questions

When will the corn be ready this season?
Our goal is to harvest our first crop before July 4th. However, this date is completely dependent on weather conditions. Please join our sweet corn newsletter for updates, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Is your sweet corn genetically modified?
No, we grow conventional hybrids. All sweet corn we raise is non-GMO.

When was it picked?
We only sell fresh sweet corn grown on our farm. Your sweet corn will always be picked less than 24 hours from time sold.

Where is it grown?
Dad farms in Tipton, Indiana. This is just north of Hamilton County. He has been farming for his entire life.

What kind is it?
Dad researches and studies this throughout his winter hiatus. He plans a mix of varieties and is always out to find the best and sweetest variety. All of our gourmet variates are bicolor, as well as non-GMO.

How long does your season last?
Dad staggers the plantings so that our sweet corn will ripen throughout the summer season. It will be available from early July through late September.

How long will it keep?
It will be safe to eat for up to a week. However, the sweetness will decrease and turn to starch with every passing day.

How do I store, cook, and/or freeze it?
Please see our preparation tips here.

Besides sweet corn, does Dad raise any other farm to table products?
Check out Dad’s Popcorn!

Where can I buy My Dad’s Sweet Corn throughout the week?
Please find the locations and hours listed on the bottom of our home page HERE.

Do you ship it?
Yes! Check out our online store.