We’ve rounded up our favorite corn crafts and activities! They are a great way to start teaching kids about agriculture while having fun too.

Each of these crafts are inexpensive and can be made from materials you likely already have at home. We especially love corn crafts during the fall season but they can be done any time of year. Pick up some corn, gather the kids, and have a great time!

Pipe Cleaner Corn from One Little Project

This craft is easy, inexpensive, and perfect for fall! These can be made using any color scheme. Make your own pipe cleaner corn here.


corn pipe cleaner craft

Corn Shakers from Pre-K Pages

Kids love music and it’s even more fun when they make their own. You just need popcorn and a water bottle! Make your own corn shakers here.

corn shaker craft

Lego Stamped Indian Corn from Crafty Morning.

Did you know that logos make really awesome stamps? The circles are the perfect size for this Indian corn craft. Learn how to make Lego stamped Indian corn here.

lego corn craft

Corn on the Cob Squirrel Feeder from Kido Info

In the fall, squirrels start storing away food for winter. Used dried corn, some string, and watch them get to work! Get directions to make a corn squirrel feeder here.

corn squirrel feeder

Popsicle Sticks Corn Craft from Glued to My Crafts

All you need are popsicle sticks, paper, and a little glue and paint. In this example, the corn looks like sweet corn, but you could easily paint the popsicle sticks to look like Indian corn too! Learn how to make this popsicle stick corn craft here.

popsicle stick corn craft

Hoping Corn Science Experiment from One Time Through

In this experiment, the corn hops up and down for over an hour. All science lovers will enjoy this one! Make your own hoping corn experiment here.

hoping corn experiment

Painting with Indian Corn from Kitchen Floor Crafts

All you need is Indian corn and a little paint! Kids can create art and have a sensory experience all at the same time. Learn how to create this Indian corn painting project here.

painting corn craft

Corn Husk Dolls from Gift of Curiosity

Have fun and learn a little history at the same time. Native Americans made corn husk dolls over a thousand years ago, and you can too! Learn how to make corn husk dolls here.

corn husk doll

Colored Popcorn Kernels from Coffee Cups and Crayons

We love the bright colors in this one! Kids can really make this craft their own, using their favorite paint colors. Make your own colored popcorn craft here.

painted corn

Harvest Corn Weaving from Almost Unschoolers

This craft is simple, yet so fun and festive for Fall! Learn how to weave your own harvest corn here.

weaving corn craft

Candy Corn Footprints from Juggling with Kids

We think sweet corn tastes a lot better than candy corn, but we have to admit – this craft is adorable! Create a candy corn footprint memento here.

candy corn craft

Which craft will you try first? Let us know in the comments!