School may be back in session, but it’s still summertime, and we’re in the peak of sweet corn season! Many of you have been asking how long we’ll have sweet corn. The good news is Dad staggers plantings from mid-March until mid-July to extend our harvest season through the end of September, so you have a few weeks left to pick up corn at the farmers’ markets.

Here’s a recent picture of our last planting for the year:

July corn planting

We’re thankful for the weather we’ve had this season, with perfectly-timed, moderate rainfalls in July and August. My Dad’s Sweet Corn continues to grow healthy and strong! But with the end of the season looming, it’s time now to think about freezing your sweet corn so you can enjoy that hint of summer in the cold months to come.

Freezing Your Sweet Corn

Though we have more corn to harvest in the upcoming weeks, it’s important to keep in mind that sweet corn yields are best when planted in April/May, not July! Because disease risks increase and daylight hours decrease as summer goes on, we recommend freezing your corn in August so you don’t miss out on your chance to preserve some sweet corn before season’s end. To help, we’ve put together this quick video about how to best freeze your My Dad’s Sweet Corn:

Sweet corn is the best reminder of summer during the dead of winter—not to mention that YOU will be the hit at all your holiday gatherings with MDSC on the table! So be sure to stop by your favorite farmers’ market this week, or use our farm-to-porch service to order online now through August. This is a great way to share a little of Indiana with your out-of-state friends!

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And remember: for orders of 10 dozen or more, we do offer a $1/dozen price break. If possible, please email us in advance so we can have it ready for your pick up at your farmers’ market location.

We hope to see you at your farmers’ market this week!

Happy Trails,