Farmer’s Market season is here! While we likely won’t have sweet corn until early July, you can support all of the local vendors who have produce, meat, and other local products available. Here are just a few of the reasons to not miss it!

Supporting farmers. Farmers face many challenges today including growing costs, government policies, and climate change. Food is essential for our survival so supporting the workers that supply our food sources is critical.

Supporting small business owners. While many of the vendors are farmers, you’ll find a wide variety of products liked baked goods, crafts, eggs, and spices. When you purchase foods and other items at the farmer’s markets, your money stays local and more jobs can be created in our communities.

Freshness. Fruits and vegetables can fully ripen in the field and brought directly to you. In fact, at My Dad’s Sweet Corn, corn is picked just hours before your purchase at the market. You can’t get any fresher than that! The shorter the time from farm to table means less nutrients lost. Compare that to store-bought food that could have been gassed to simulate the ripening process, transported from another state, or sat for weeks in storage. Things like meat, pastries, and plants are also likely to be fresh and of higher quality than you might be able to buy elsewhere.

Peace of mind. At the markets, you get to meet the farmers and artisans who are making or producing the items. You have the opportunity to ask questions about ingredients, processes, and know exactly where your purchase is coming from.

Better for the planet. Food in the U.S. travels an average of 1,500 miles! This means more pollution to our air and water. Additionally, many vendors are able to use less packaging, reducing waste and trash.

The experience. At the farmer’s markets, you get to eat great food, listen to music, get fresh air, and interact with friends, neighbors, and vendors. That’s way more fun than the grocery store!

Education. You can of course learn at any age, but farmer’s markets can be especially educational for kids. For preschoolers, you can talk to them about the names, colors, shapes, and textures. For older kids, they can learn about growing processes, let them count change by making a purchase, or encourage them to ask questions.

Opportunity to try new things. Homemade pies, local honey, artisan breads, and natural soaps are just a few of the things you’ll likely run into at your local farmer’s market. It’s always fun to stop, meet a new vendor, and sample or purchase something you’ve never tried before. You might just find something you love!

We can’t wait to see you again soon- hopefully early July! Visit for our 2021 farmer’s market schedule.