The short answer? A lot! Spring is only 30 days away, and the off-season has been filled with preparation, travel, and fun!

We hope to be planting the first sweet corn seeds by the 3rd or 4th week of March. The soil conditions will determine when we actually start, so we’re hoping for some dry, sunny spring days to make that happen. Hopefully if all goes well, we will have sweet corn ready by the end of June/first of July. That’s always our goal so you can enjoy My Dad’s Sweet Corn at all your 4th of July celebrations!

There are quite a few things to get done before the corn season starts for farmers. We’ve ordered seed, bags, and other various supplies. We continue to work on truck and tractor maintenance. We are working on upgrading our website for out- of- state corn orders. Customers will be able to choose the day they want the corn shipped and payment will be an easier process. We’ve been working on our social media calendar- please make sure to like us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to keep up on the latest happenings.

farmers market corn

Dad is always looking for ways he can improve any part of the sweet corn operation! He attended a vegetable grower conference in Grand Rapids and Indianapolis this past winter. He likes to hear the latest news/trends and catch up with other farmers. He’s currently working on an upgrade to the planter wheels to help with muddy conditions if needed. He also upgraded the Zionsville truck. The upgrade helps to make bagging the corn easier, and the truck will hold more sweet corn so we don’t run out as quickly at that location.

zionsville corn truck
One thing that is always a challenge in raising sweet corn is controlling the birds. They love sweet corn just as much as we do! So to keep them out, we are going to try this. Dad is still looking for a plug-in out in the field=) Nah, we’ll have to figure out a real long cord or a generator to make it work. It may look a little odd, but Dad is willing to give it shot.

Balloon for birds

Dad, along with Mom, also took a little time off and traveled to Lake Havasu, Arizona for a Hot-Air Balloon festival. He’s a hobby balloonist but only observed on this trip. He enjoyed a side trip along the Colorado River where farmers were picking cotton and harvesting alfalfa. He didn’t spot any sweet corn though!

We are looking forward to the 2020 season and can’t wait to see you all again! We will keep you posted as the season begins.

Happy trails~